Service Offered

Through this specialization, SKZEM Limited Outsourcing Services promises clients to catalyze business needs by recommending solutions which suit their requirements and meet the budget. SKZEM Outsourcing Services delivers matchless business value to clients through a fusion of excellence in process, high quality structures and ESI, PF and labor consultant service delivery innovation. Our ability to continually meet client's expectations is based on the establishment of comprehensive systems and processes on skills and resources. Through its supreme innovation network and solution catalysts, we focuses on aiding global firms address their business challenges effectively.
You can leverage not only reduced costs and increased productivity but also reinvest substantial returns generated by outsourcing to improve operational performance, drive innovation, support growth and enhancements and also boost shareholder value.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What is the best solution for you?
It all depends on individual requirements of your business, and the different recruitment levels. Here are the advantages of an RPO.
RPO advantages
- Flexible and tailored recruitment solutions
- Expert knowledge and experience
- Frees up HR time
- Improved candidate experience
- Increase of quality candidates
- Cost saving
- Time saving
- The advice
Work Profile
Here we provide you complete solutions of our employees accounting, data, & other services which includes:-
* Accounting of salary and attendance of all contracted employees.
* Disbursement of Monthly Salary by Cash / Cheque / DD in time, under Supervision of company accountant.
Maintenance of employees Provident Fund Employees Insurance status records. Submission of monthly, Qtly, Hly & Yly Return, required by concern department.
* Distribution of Monthly Pay Slips, Yly Provident Fund and FS3 Statement, Uniform (if required) to all contacted employees.
* Submission and Renewal of Employees Work Permit Permission & Residence card for Third Country Nationals (TCN)
2.Retained Search
This method is both ours and many of our partners preferred choice - it allows us to invest the time and resources to ensure we deliver an outstanding shortlist to you and gives you the fastest a service. It doesn’t cost more but it’s guaranteed to deliver you the people you need as swiftly as possible.
Many of our long-standing partners prefer to retain us in order to engage our focus and guaranteed dedication to fill roles to your satisfaction.
This simply means we get paid when a candidate starts with you A contract can have many variables but basically you make no financial commitment to SKZEM, we source and introduce people to you against your brief, using any means at our disposal and if you hire people – you pay us as per agreed terms and conditions .