Why Choose Us


Our recruitment process will be streamlined with a standardizing hiring process, new interview tools, and clear onboarding procedures in accordance with client policies.


We provide payroll/recruitment management services to relieve our clients of all the administrative tasks associated with payroll and recruitment.

Filtering in our hands:

The companies will reduce costs associated to the recruitment procedures, including filtering and screening the profiles, in order to FIND THE RIGHT FIT.


As part of our commitment to providing complete assistance and accompaniment, there will be different communication channels for the employee and client.

Additional Services

In addition to our core solutions, we have a dedicated team to support our clients, tailoring their needs according to their industry.


Collaborating, sharing insights, and offering advice is always at the forefront of what we do, which will create long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Who We Are

A leading company in outsourcing services that provides skilled and non-skilled workers to various business sectors throughout Malta.

Skzem has as a key component to provide high-quality service and specialized services-enabled business solutions in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our specialization is versatility and applying knowledge derived from the intersection of industry expertise that represents a combination of skills and professionalism, which will create long-term mutually beneficial relationships between our recruiters, clients, and candidates.

Our People

We at SKZEM respect the differences of our staff and aim to create a comfortable environment for everyone where employees feel encouraged to be their best self. We strive to create an atmosphere where learning and development are a given in an inclusive culture that nurtures people of all genders and backgrounds.

What do employees say about SKZEM?