Why Study in Malta

Studying in Malta is living a wonderful season in one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is the ideal destination for those who want to receive a quality education while enjoying living on an island with good weather all year round and hundreds of leisure and cultural activities at any time of the day. Learning English on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean is a dream come true. Malta perfectly combines centuries of history with crystal-clear beaches and a varied and quality educational offer. In addition, thanks to the amount of tourism it attracts throughout the year, finding work in Malta won't be a problem.
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Lovely weather and culture

Generally, Malta enjoys moderate weather all year round. The coldest month in Malta is January – but the rest of the year records temperature between 10 to 20°C. There are no extreme winters or summers in Malta. 

Presently, the Maltese celebrate Latin-European culture. Historically, Malta’s culture has had links with Semitic culture and you can notice some of its forms still in practice today. The Maltese cuisine is also a mix of European dishes, American and some culinary staples like pasta and seafood. 

When studying in Malta, it is important to understand the requirements of dissertations in Malta because they are different from other nations


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